Cara Memasang Bata Ringan (AAC) dengan Mortar Utama MU semen instan

Memasang Bata Ringan (AAC)


Cause of problems and solutions

1.To use jobsite mix as a masonry of lightweight blocks. Very short drying time is normal property of jobsite mix. When using it with lightweight blocks bonding strength will be drop.
2.To use improper tools such as traditional trowel or traditional trowel with grooves. This cause less contact tranfer of lightweight masonry freash mortar. which affects durability of the wall.
3. Lightweight block are not properly levelled. This leads to uneven thickness of masonry mortar and the hollow gaps between blocks.

4. Lack of reinforcement between lightweight-block walls and structure walls or columns. It may lead to line cracks according to structural movement or shrinkage/expansion from temperature variations.


1. Use high quality product of MU-380 Thin Bed Adhesive which specially designed to mason lightweight block. This product is certified WCM (World Class Manufacturing) and Green Industry with the properties of smoothness creamy texture for easy application.
2. Use proper-size notched trowel in order to have the full contact transfer of the mortar installing lightweight blocks. which will also increase bonding strength.
3. Wooden sawback rasp tool is recommended to use in order to rasp the non-level part of the blocks. Therefore the thickness of masonry mortar is even with no hollow gaps.
4.Reinforce lightweight-block walls with metal strap or rebar at every 40 cm high both sides of the wall.

Solution with the following weber products

Solution 1

MU-380 Perekat Bata Ringan

Semen instan untuk pekerjaan pemasangan bata ringan (AAC) dengan ketebalan 3 mm.

Iklan Atas Artikel

Iklan Tengah Artikel 1

Iklan Tengah Artikel 2

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